It’s Time for Fan Expo 2013! (and other assorted goodies)

Damn you Moffat!

The end of August in Toronto always means three things to me: sweater season is approaching (yay!); patio season is ending (boo!); and – most importantly – Fan Expo Canada is right around the corner!

This year, I’ll be at Fan Expo all four days, jumping between panels, interviews, and press rooms (and trying to find awesome new prints from Artist Alley to add to my collection). Even though things will be crazy, if we’re internet-friends I want to meet you! I’ll be tweeting a photo of my outfit each morning, so if you spot me in the crowd, please don’t be shy – let’s be friends IRL, k?

(Real-life friends can stop me as well, I guess, whatever.)

In other exciting news, I’ve recently started doing some writing for fabulous geek news outlet Geekosystem; you can check out all my writing for them, but here’s couple of my faves:

Elysium NASA

I’ve also got Episodes 4 and 5 of #TVPOV up for your viewing pleasure, some more goodies for PopWrapped linked, and a brand-new feature for Dork Shelf, What to Read Before Marvel’s Phase 2 Films.

In other neat nerd news, the always-wonderful Megan of The Nerdy Girlie interviewed me as part of her Geek Girls Gab series this week! You can read all the nerdy nonsense I have to say right here!

Nerdy Girlie

That’s it for today! See you nerds at Fan Expo!




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