New geeky gig, & my Fan Expo wrap-up!

Well, we all survived another year at Fan Expo, and it was amazing!

Personal highlights include interviewing the hunky werewolves of Space’s new series Bitten, chatting with the cast of Syfy’s Defiance (video coming soon!), and this incredible Avatar cosplay:

Yip yip!


In all the post-Fan Expo pre-TIFF craziness, I got some other exciting news which I couldn’t wait to share with you nerds: I’m going to be the new Weekend Editor at Mediaite‘s amazing website Geekosystem! Look to see a lot more geek culture posts from me on weekends from here on out – I promise I’ll make them as funny as possible (the pressure!)


I’m going to write things on here!


Before you go anywhere, make sure you check out my Fan Expo 2013 photo gallery right here. Hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂




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