NYCC and Podcast Party!

NYCC and Podcast Party!

It’s hard to know how to put my NYCC feels into words (horrible thing for a writer to say, I know, but it’s the truth), so I’ll just go with simple and succinct: New York Comic Con was the most incredible time ever. I met so many people IRL that I’ve only ever met online (including my co-workers at Geekosystem and The Mary Sue, Ashley from Her Universe, Kristin from Fangasm… the list goes on), and I was able to interview some awesome stars of the television, gaming, and comics worlds as an added bonus. If I saw you at NYCC, it was amazing to meet you – and if we missed each other, there’s always next time, because I am definitely going back next year!

You can catch some of my NYCC coverage on Geekosystem and on The Televixen here:

Adelaide Kane Chats About Reign at NYCC
Watch Trevor from GTAV Scream “Go F*** Yourself!” At A Fan During NYCC
NYCC Made Batman: Arkham Origins Sound Seriously Amazing
Reign‘s Adelaide Kane Is An Intelligent, Well-Spoken Geek, And We Love Her
5 Things We Learned At the NYCC GTAV Panel
The 10 Most Awesome People We’ve Seen So Far At NYCC

Over the last few weeks, I’ve also been lucky enough to have been asked to speak about Doctor Who a whole bunch! I was on a panel in Toronto at the Merril, which was recorded for the Reversed Polarity Podcast; spoke about gatekeeping and fangirls in Who on the Reality Bomb Podcast; and chatted live from NYCC on the Whoniverse Podcast! Check them out here:

Reverse Polarity Podcast, Episode 9
Reality Bomb Podcast, Episode 4
Whoniverse Podcast, Episode 44

That’s it for now, nerds! I leave you with some of my fave photos from NYCC (you can find the rest over on my Instagram!



By the way, this is pretty rad. #NYCC #press

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So it's a touch more crowded today #NYCC

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The raddest interview. #TroyBaker #BioshockInfinite #TheLastOfUs #ArkhamOrigins

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This is how you know it's a good party. #TheMarySueBash #DoctorWho #Tennant #Ten

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My favorite cosplay of the weekend. Note the #Super8 bag? #BadRobot

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I was interviewed by the rad @xpressingit today! Great chat! #rocketracoon

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It's Franklin, Michael, and Trevor I'm freaking out!!

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