CLOSED: I’m Hosting a 300 + 300: Rise of an Empire Double-Bill On Opening Night – And You Can Win Tickets!

CLOSED: I’m Hosting a <em>300</em> + <em>300: Rise of an Empire</em> Double-Bill On Opening Night – And You Can Win Tickets!

This is blasphemy! This is madness! This is…

A sweet ticket giveaway, ya’ll!

300: Rise of an Empire opens March 6th, and I’m going to be hosting a double-bill with the 2006  Zack Snyder masterpiece (heh) 300 at Rainbow Cinemas Market Square in downtown Toronto!

300 will be playing at 7:00pm, and the premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire will start at 9:30pm. It’s an rad deal and Lena Heady versus Eva Green is this movie made of my dreams or I don’t even know.

There will be a ton of great prizes for you to win from One Million Comix, a bunch of great Frank Miller trailers and videos before each film, and I’m seriously considering making our big contest a competition where you have to do your best kicking-something-over-in-slow-motion impression.

You’re all my faves, so I’m giving away four pairs of tickets to the double-bill! Go ahead and enter if you’re able to make it to the screenings in downtown Toronto on the 6th. Use the options for multiple entries (!) and I’ll notify the winners on March 5th!

[UPDATE: Congrats to all the winners!]

Good luck, Spartans. Remember to show up with your best drawn-on abs, because I sure will.




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