Week 8 Skincare Update

Super quick update because my process is super boring lately!

I have miraculously managed to take my 5.5% Glycolic Acid toner (AHA) down from twice a day to just evenings, which is awesome. I’ve noticed a couple of tiny pimples, but nothing crazy like when I was using the MISSHA FTE. For the next two weeks I’m going to try to reduce the use of my 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream to once a day as well. I think by reducing my use of both of those products by half, my skin should be noticeably less dry.

To replace my Proactiv Repairing Lotion (Benzoyl Peroxide) I think I’m going to order the Paula’s Choice 2.5%, and like I mentioned last time I have the 7% Glycolic Acid AHA from CosRX to replace the Proactiv Toner. But honestly, what I would love to do after this is see if I can wean myself off the BP and the AHA entirely. The BP is super drying and chemically and gross and the AHA is photosensitive, and frankly, if I can get rid of them both I think I would be healthier and better off.

So even though it puts off the rest of my fun stuff a bit (ugh!!!!) I think I’m going to slowly start to eliminate the BP from my routine – first once a day, then once every two days, then every third day, etc., until I can finally just (HOPEFULLY) not use it again ever. Some people basically explode into a disgusting pimply mess when they quit BP, but I’m hoping that by doing it slowly instead of cold turkey my skin won’t go into crazy withdrawal.

I’m super scared about this because to be honest I love my perfect skin and I’m terrified of looking like a pimply teenager again. But I really do want to be healthier and I don’t want to be slathering parabens and shit all over my face for the rest of my existence so… I’m going for it. PRAY 5 ME.