New York Comic Con 2016 Schedule

New York Comic Con 2016 Schedule

It’s that time of year again – the time where I forgo delicious turkey and napping in favor of a weekend with all of my favorite nerds, and it’s totally worth it.

Here’s where you can find me at New York Comic Con this year, with my brand-new book, WONDER WOMEN!


Thursday, Oct. 63

1:30-2:30pm, Room 1A21
Girl the Hell Up! Exclusive First-Look and Q&A with Carmilla Cast and Crew
I’ll be joining Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Steph Ouaknine, Jordan Hall, and a whole lot of Creampuffs for this discussion of the webseries’ finale season!

Friday, Oct. 7

2:30-3:30pm, Booth 2236
Signing at Quirk Books
Wonder Women comes out on October 4th, so come grab a shiny new copy and then let me deface it for you!

4:15-5:15pm, Room 1A18
Women Warriors: An Homage to Strong Female Characters in SFF
The great Margaret Stohl is moderating this fun panel featuring Amy S. Foster, E.K. Johnston, Holly Jennings, and me!

5:30-6:30, Autographing Table 22
Women Warriors Signing
And then we’ll all sign your books after.

6:45-7:45pm, Room 1A18
Moving Beyond The Strong Female Character
Join me for a discussion about complex women protagonists with Jody Houser, Amy Chu, Jill Pantozzi, and Jen Bartel.

Saturday, Oct. 8

11:00-12:00pm, Room 1A18
Be Your Own Superhero: Intersectional Feminism in Comics
For this one, I’ll be chatting with Wendy Xu, Sam Riedel, Susana Polo, Robbie Thompson, and Steenz.

2:00-3:00pm, Booth 2236
Signing at Quirk Books
Aww yiss.

See you there!!